Aquatic Lagoon
Aquatic Lagoon
Come and have fun
at the Aquatic Lagoon
Kids having splashing fun in waterpark
The first
water park
in the Perigord
Kids having splashing fun in waterpark- Copie
Aquatic Lagoon
for the whole family
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Aquatic Lagoon is for everyone and for all ages
in a secure and innovative universe!

Many activities
to be discovered without moderation!
Aquatic Lagoon's weather forecast:

Located at Univerland Journiac,
3 fun zones on more than 2 hectares of land

Aquatic fun

2 hectares of activities for the whole family with picnic and rest areas.
7 giant slides at more than 16 meters, a free fall on airbag, an extraordinary RV kayak descent with "rafting adventure".
Numerous water sports activities (volleyball, basketball and water polo) and an aquatic area dedicated to children under 10 years old.

Aquatic kids

Aquatic kids is reserved for children under 10 years of age with numerous aqualudic spaces from 20cm to 60cm of water depending on the age of your children equipped with slides and water games.
Swimming pools with pedal boats and bumber boats, water games and other slides are also available, zip lines, sea of nets, giant trampolines, giant balloons and a Ninja Warrior will make your children happy.

Relaxation area for parents who can be either participants or accompanying persons.

Aquatic sport

An area dedicated to water sports with numerous pools for volleyball, water polo and basketball... Choose your sport and become the best solo or with your team!
Make an extraordinary RV kayak descent with "rafting adventure", a unique experience not to be missed.
And also acrobatic tobogganing experience at more than 12 m high where all tricks are allowed.

Europe's largest inflatable
water park!

  1. Home
  2. Restrooms
  3. Cloakrooms
  4. Lockers
  5. Restrooms
  6. Zen Forrest
  1. Pizza
  2. Icecream
  3. Coffee Shop
  4. Burger Sofa
  1. Hot Dog gourmet
  2. Zen Bar
  3. Shop
  1. Volley Ball aquatique
  2. Water Volleyball
  3. Water Volleyball
  4. Water Polo aquatique
  5. Basket Ball aquatique
  6. Tornado
  7. Rafting Adventure
  1. Sea of net
  2. Tyrolienne
  3. Big baller
  4. Pedal boat
  5. Bumper Boat
  6. Espace aqualudique 1-4 ans
  7. Espace aqualudique 4-6 ans
  8. Espace aqualudique 6-10 ans
  9. Ninja Warrior
  10. Funny Slide
  1. Bac à sable, Les grues
  2. Free fall
  1. Family Pool
  2. Water trampoline
  3. Ocean Slide
  4. Crazy Dolphin
  5. Crazy Palms
  6. La Pieuvre
  7. Palm Beach


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